Although the more lettuce-like Chinese cabbage is more common, the hard-headed type of cabbage is also seen in the markets. Although the cabbage probably originated in Asia, it wasn't until after the Celts introduced it to Europe that the hard-headed variety was developed, sometime during the middle ages. Cabbage was definitely known to the Egyptians, who would eat large quantities of the vegetables before a night of drinking in the belief that it would allow them to drink more without feeling the effects.

Soto Ayam

Indonesia is a really huge country. The foods and cuisines vary widely from one part of the country to another. However, there are a few dishes that are available in just about every corner of this nation of 10,000 islands. One of these is Soto Ayam, which simply means “chicken soup”. You'll find street stalls selling it just about everywhere, and it's a big hit with foreign travelers as well.

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