Chicken Kaffir with Mushrooms

This meal was the result of having a lot of leftover ingredients from other recipes that I made for posting here. The main things I had filling up my 'fridge was a large chicken breast, a big packet of kaffir lime leaves and a half can of mushrooms. I decided to challenge myself to see what I could make.

I still had almost all the ingredients for the marinade of the 'Korean' beef dish, except the spring onions. That was a good marinade, so I decided to use some finely chopped kaffir leaves in place of the spring onions and marinate the chicken.

The mushrooms I decided to sauté in some olive oil, butter and leftover coriander. I added a bit of baby corn and broccoli, which I also had on hand.

Chicken Kaffir with sauteed mushrooms

Chicken Kaffir with sauteed mushrooms

On the whole, it turned out rather well. The one mistake I made was not filleting the chicken breast, so it took forever to cook and the marinate had more or less caramelized by the time it did. Other than that, it turned out well. This recipe would make two light meals.


Chicken breasts250 g / ½ lbFillet
Japanese soy sauce3 Tbl
Ground black pepper2 tsp
Sugar2 Tbl
Kaffir lime leaves3Chopped
White sesame seeds1 TblRoasted
Chinese cooking sherry1 Tbl
Sesame oil1 Tbl


Mushrooms1 cHalved
Baby corn50 g / ¼ cSliced
Broccoli50 g / ¼ cSliced
Coriander1 TblFinely chopped
Butter1 Tbl
Olive oil1 Tbl

Preparation Method

  • Mix all of the main ingredients except the chicken together in a bowl.
  • Add the chicken to the mix and make sure it gets coated well. Marinate the chicken in the sauce for at least one hour in the refrigerator.
  • Just before you're ready to cook the chicken, you can prepare the vegetables. Heat the butter and olive oil in a skillet. Add the mushrooms, baby corn and coriander. Sauté until the mushrooms begin to brown slightly, and then add the broccoli. The broccoli will take just a few seconds to turn dark green, which for me means it's cooked just right. Spoon the vegetables onto a plate or serving dish.
  • Remove the marinated chicken from the refrigerator and cook it in a hot skillet. Turn it and make sure it's cooked through. Just as it's getting done, you can add any marinade left to the skillet, and it will reduce quickly to a nice dark brown sauce.
  • Transfer the cooked chicken to the plate along side the vegetables.
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