Rice with Red Pork

Thai name: Khao moo daeng

This is one of the most universal of Thai dishes. You'll almost certainly find at least one stall selling this in any collection of street vendors or food court. I tend to think of this as a comfort food. It's a good dish for tourists to get to know, since it's almost universally available and is one of the most mild of Thai street foods.

Red Pork

Thai name: Moo daeng
Chinese: Char siew

A collection of food stalls in most parts of Thailand would not be complete without a 'red pork' stall. Most of the time, it's a basic rice with red pork outlet, but sometimes you'll happen on a stall selling ba mee noodles with red pork, and on occasion you'll even find green coloured noodles called ba mee yok, or 'jade egg noodles'. They taste the same but look prettier, especially with the red pork on top.


Thai Fried Chicken

Thailand has long enjoyed its own special style of fried chicken, made with their very own blend of 'secret' herbs and spices. Fried or grilled chicken is found throughout the kingdom with regional variations. For me, fried chicken always makes me think of the beach. Just about any stretch of beach in Thailand that is well visited will have a string of shacks selling fried or barbecued chicken, along with som tam and sticky rice. It's the perfect beach food, since you can eat it all with your hands and not care about how sticky your fingers get.

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