Green Curry Paste

This curry paste is, naturally, the key ingredient in Thai green curry. This recipe will make enough paste for four or five batches of curry. Store excess paste refrigerated in a tightly sealed jar. It will keep for several weeks at least. In fact, it's best if you make the paste a day or two before you need it. The paste tends to get better with a little age! … More

Mussaman Curry Paste

This curry paste is the essential ingredient to Mussaman Curry, a Thai favorite. … More

Red Curry Paste

Red curry paste is one of the most basic in Thai cooking. You can make much more than is needed since, like most curry pastes, it will keep for quite some time in the refrigerator. … More

Sour Dipping Sauce

This sauce is mostly intended for chicken, but can be served with almost any meat. … More

Spicy Dipping Sauce

This sauce was created to go with Korean Grilled Beef but would go well with most any beef dish. … More

Sweet Dipping Sauce

This sauce is perhaps most commonly served with chicken, although it can also be good with deep fried spring roles. The Thai original of this recipe also called for a half-cup of pickled garlic liquid. Since pickled garlic is hard to come by outside of Thailand even in Asian groceries, you can probably leave it out. … More