Balinese Pork & Ginger in Sweet Soy Sauce

Be Celeng Base Manis Time to take a break from Thai food and try a little Balinese cuisine for a change. While Thai dishes tend to be quick light stir-fries, many Balinese and Indonesian dishes often take a bit more time and are a bit heavier. Balinese Pork & Ginger in Sweet Soy Sauce served with cooked rice. I got this recipe from the Bali Post, which in turn got it from Bali Guide's food section. I've adapted this recipe a bit by using thin-sliced pork and shredded ginger, which are commonly available in Bangkok supermarkets. If I were serving … More

Beef Rendang

Rendang apparently has its origins in the Minangkabau ethnic group of west Java, but it can be found all over Indonesia as well as neighboring countries. In many ways, this is a very classic Southeast Asian curry, where meat is simmered in a spicy coconut milk stew until the liquid is completely reduced. Beef Rendang The longer you cook this dish, the better. Tradition has it that it should be cooked at least four hours. This recipe cuts that down to a couple of hours, but this is a great dish for a crock pot if you have one. … More


I first encountered dabu-dabu on a trip around North Sulawesi, where it's the local sambal (the generic Indonesian word for chili sauce). Although almost certainly developed locally, dabu-dabu is definitely a dead ringer for Mexican salsa. It went very well with another Indonesian favorite: corn cakes. Dabu-dabu - the Indonesian "salsa" I did a little investigating and found several recipes for dabu-dabu. It seems that like any popular dish, there are as many recipes as there are cooks, but the basics remain the same: tomatoes, chilies, lime juice and oil. Common variations include using shallots in place … More

Hot Bananas with Cinnamon Coconut Sauce

This pleasant and simple dessert is quick and easy to make, although it must be served warm. Hot Bananas with Cinnamon Coconut Sauce … More

Nutty Corn Cakes

One of my favorite Indonesian side dishes is corn cakes. They come in a lot of different types, since it seems almost every regional cuisine has some kind of them. I found this recipe in a small book of Indonesian favorites. It calls for peanuts, which I'm not sure I've had before. If you're allergic, just leave them out. Nutty Corn Cakes with dabu-dabu sambal … More

Pandang Chicken

Although, like Beef Rendang, this thick curry dish originated in Western Java, it's now one of those dishes you'll find in just about any Indonesian restaurant. This style is very similar to thick Thai curries, but the tomato base as well as turmeric mark out more western and South Asian influences than you see in Thai cuisine. Pandang Chicken … More

Soto Ayam

Indonesia is a really huge country. The foods and cuisines vary widely from one part of the country to another. However, there are a few dishes that are available in just about every corner of this nation of 10,000 islands. One of these is Soto Ayam, which simply means “chicken soup”. You'll find street stalls selling it just about everywhere, and it's a big hit with foreign travelers as well. Soto Ayam - Indonesian Chicken Soup Of course, as with so many popular dishes, what tourist get is often a far cry from the 'real thing'. In many cases, you end … More