Black Pepper Noodles

Just in case you were thinking that every meal at my place is a gourmet feast, I thought I would post a recipe that represents a more typical lunch or dinner for me. Instant noodles have become something of a staple in modern Thailand, since they're quick and easy to make. During the big Bangkok floods of late 2011, it was instant noodles that supermarkets couldn't keep on the shelves, not rice. Instant noodles come in a wide variety of flavors - enough to fill an entire aisle at most supermarkets - including tom yam, seasoned pork and duck. For the … More

Carrot Som Tam

Shredded carrot most closely matches the texture, if not the colour or flavour, of green papaya. This recipe is similar to one that has proved successful at the restaurant chain in Thailand where I used to work, and also utilizes ingredients easily found outside of the country. You can of course substitute fresh string beans for the long beans. For the photo, I left out the dried shrimp, since I don't think they add anything to the dish and didn't want to buy a big bag of them for this one dish. By leaving out the shrimp and using … More

Fruit Compote

This is an old recipe that I've changed and adapted over the years to accommodate what was available in Bangkok. The original recipe called for dates rather than figs, but lately the dates you can get here, in addition to being very expensive, aren't really the kind suited to this dish. Fruit Compote The original recipe also called for chopped or sliced nuts, but after trying out the ground almonds, I found I liked the cake-like texture they gave the dish. The blueberries I added for some color and flavor. Back in the states, this was a great dish for potlucks, since … More

Instant Noodle Salad

In Thai: Som Tam Mama Instant noodles - often called Ramen noodles in the US - are a very popular light meal or snack in Thailand. While they may be something you thought you left behind when you left college, chances are you never ate this well back in school. This is not a very common dish, but I have seen it on the menu of some Thai restaurants, although not those that cater to westerners. The Thai-language version I translated this recipe from called for shrimp paste and fermented fish sauce (and by 'fermented' they mean rotten). Since I'm not a … More

Vegetarian Burrito Filling

This is one of my favorite lazy bachelor recipes. It makes enough to keep me from having to cook for a week or so. In fact, not only does it make good leftovers, it actually improves with age - so much so that I generally make it a day ahead of when I want to start using it. I got the original recipe for this off the Internet many, many years ago, and I don't think I've changed it too much. This is a really easy recipe, as it basically just takes "one of everything" - one whole … More