Beef Rendang

Rendang apparently has its origins in the Minangkabau ethnic group of west Java, but it can be found all over Indonesia as well as neighboring countries. In many ways, this is a very classic Southeast Asian curry, where meat is simmered in a spicy coconut milk stew until the liquid is completely reduced. Beef Rendang The longer you cook this dish, the better. Tradition has it that it should be cooked at least four hours. This recipe cuts that down to a couple of hours, but this is a great dish for a crock pot if you have one. … More

Chicken Green Curry

Thai name: Gaeng Keeo Waan Gai Green curry is perhaps the most ubiquitous of all Thai curries. You'll find it on the menu in practically every restaurant in the kingdom, and it makes a frequent appearance at the curry stalls. Although the dish has its origins in the central plains, it's found and appreciated throughout the country. Much of the attraction of green curry is its flexibility. It works well not only with rice, but is also quite popular as a topping for the spaghetti like rice noodles called khanom jeen. It has also proved quite … More

Jungle Curry

Thais who are surprised that I enjoy their spicy foods such as som tam and lahb are positively shocked when I list jungle curry (gaeng ba) among my favourites. This is one dish even some Thais find too spicy. Consider yourself warned! This is one of the few Thai dishes that's most often made with beef rather than pork. That, and the fiery spiciness points to southern origins. While beef is the most common meat, it can be made with pork or chicken. Jungle Curry made with beef Due to its 'extreme' nature, jungle curry is not as common as many … More

Mussaman Curry

Mussaman curry is probably the most 'un-Thai' style of Thai curries. It's more like a stew than other Thai curries. The word mussaman has no meaning in Thai, other than as the name of this curry. It may be, like several words in the modern Thai language, a corruption of a foreign word, probably Persian if the stories around this recipe are to be believed. The legend of the dish's origin is that it is derived from a recipe bought by the first Persian ambassador to the Court of Ayutthaya (the capital of old Siam). The envoy remained … More

Pandang Chicken

Although, like Beef Rendang, this thick curry dish originated in Western Java, it's now one of those dishes you'll find in just about any Indonesian restaurant. This style is very similar to thick Thai curries, but the tomato base as well as turmeric mark out more western and South Asian influences than you see in Thai cuisine. Pandang Chicken … More

Pork Red Curry

Don't let the relative simplicity of the ingredients fool you, with the full compliment of fresh ingredients, this curry can be surprisingly complex. That said, finding fresh kaffir lime leaves and sprigs of green peppercorns is probably the biggest challenge you'll face in making this dish, and it really won't taste the same without them. Pork Red Curry You'll want to tear the kaffir leaves before stirring them into the curry. Tearing seems to work much better than cutting for getting the leaves to release their flavor into the sauce. You can make this curry with chicken or beef as well. Thai cooks … More