Sago Petits Fours

This recipe is based on a sweet I've had from time to time in Thailand. It's traditionally a leaf-box dessert like Ta-goh, only with tapioca pearls instead of the jasmine pudding. Sweet tapioca pearls (sago) with coconut cream frosting Although making small petit four seemed like a good idea, you can't really eat these without a spoon, and even then it can get messy. I would actually recommend small dessert cups for this sweet. … More

Sticky Rice "Cake" with Coconut Cream "Frosting"

Credit where it's due: I got the idea for this dessert from Thai Airways. They served it on one flight, and I though it was a great simple idea that combined two of my favorites: sweet sticky rice and coconut cream topping. Sweet sticky rice is usually made with palm sugar, but I like the crisp whiteness that using fine white sugar gives this dish. As a variation, you can try adding a tablespoon of pandan flavoring to the sticky rice layer, which will give it a light green color, like fine jade. Sweet sticky rice "cake" with … More

Sweet Tapioca Pearls with Coconut

This is a rather basic recipe that will allow you to experiment with tapioca pearls. This dish is best served relatively warm. If refrigerated, the pearls will become dry and hard. Sweet green tapioca pearls with coconut For the picture, I used pandan flavored pearls, which gives them a lovely jade-green color. You can achieve a similar effect by adding 2 to 3 tablespoons of pandan juice to the pearls while they're cooking. This dish really wants fresh 'young' coconut meat, which is still soft. Unfortunately that can be hard to find, even in Bangkok supermarkets, so grated coconut works fine. … More

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