Jade Sticky Rice

I noticed that a few visitors coming here were looking for a "jade" sticky rice recipe, so as it's December, even here in Bangkok, I thought I'd make a nice "Christmassy" version. The green color ostensibly comes from the addition of pandan flavoring to the sticky rice layer, but you will probably need to add a bit of green food coloring to get a good color.

Thai Jasmine Pudding with Coconut Cream Topping - Ta-goh

"Jasmine pudding?" I hear you ask. Yes, well coming up with an English name for this Thai sweet was a little difficult. After all, the Thai name ta-goh doesn't have any direct translation, and it might be a bit confusing if I just used that. You might think I'd gone all Mexican on you. So, "pudding" seemed the best fit with the dish's consistency, and it is flavored with jasmine, if you can find it.


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