Northern Thai

Chiang Mai Fried Noodle

Thai name: Pat mee chao neua

Fried bamee noodles are less common in Thailand that they are in other parts of South-east Asia. The exception seems to be Chiang Mai, where pat mee is quite easy to find. For this dish, ham is used most of the time. Use thinly sliced ham, such as you can get pre-packaged for sandwiches in most supermarkets. Cut the ham into very narrow strips, making it a sort of “meat noodle”.

Red Chili Dip

This recipe for Nam Prik Ong makes a small portion suitable as an appetizer for about four people. For larger groups, simply scale it up. Some versions of this recipe call for the addition of a small portion (1 teaspoon) of shrimp paste, a tofu sheet or fermented soy beans. I think the dish does fine without them, as they are difficult to find and the quantities needed are so small.

Burmese Pork Curry

In Thai, this dish is called Gaeng Hungleh, and it's also called "Chiang Mai Pork Curry", this dish is a specialty of northern Thailand. It originated in the foods that the Burmese bought with them when they occupied the Lanna kingdom, which had its capital in Chiang Mai, from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. Unlike most Thai curries, it uses only the tiniest bit of coconut milk, and some versions of the recipe use none at all.

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