Jasmine Water

A number of Thai dessert recipes call for "jasmine water" as an ingredient. This is not something usually found in supermarkets, even in Thailand, but you can make it yourself easily enough.

Jasmine offerings on ice in the Chiang Mai riverside market.

The traditional way of making jasmine water is to bring one liter of water to a boil, then allow it to cool. Pour the water into a clean container than can be covered. Thoroughly clean 10 to 12 jasmine flowers, then float them on the water. Cover the container and allow to sit overnight.

The easy way (the way I do it) is to buy jasmine flavoring at the local supermarket, then add a teaspoon or so of it to one liter of water.

If you can't find jasmine flavoring, you could try rose, which should be available in most countries. It won't smell the same, but it will still give your desserts that flowery taste and aroma.